merry yule time!

Heart of the Home Cocktail

Merry Yule time!

It’s the holiday season and you know what that means! Stressing out, eating and drinking too much, and crying in the bathroom!

I kid (not really).

I kid (totally serious).

But, what is it supposed to be like? I don’t know but I am guessing a lot like our afternoon making these lovely drinks.

Jamie and I got together on the last day of school/first afternoon of the holiday break to stare off into the abyss together and pray that we would make it through the next two weeks with our kids off school. We decided that we should also consume something pretty. We’re worth it.

The first step is to acquire some fancy cocktail picks. Actually, the first step is to acquire all your ingredients, but I operate under the assumption that everyone has a well-stocked bar. Because, well, why wouldn’t you? Fancy cocktails picks are the kind of thing that I would have been gifted when I was young and cool and then would have given away the first time my kids found them and started a sword fight. But they are essential for this drink. Trust us. Unless you like cranberries hitting you in the face while you sip, then proceed without, you heretic.

Making sugared cranberries

We made a simple syrup and coated the cranberries, let them dry a little and then rolled them in sugar. We did not let them dry long enough and they were a little too wet to string on the pick, but we had a million things to do and so couldn’t wait around for cranberries to get sticky.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Cranberries coated in sugar

Maybe you do, though, and actually, I recommend it because it will make getting your drink pretty a lot easier. And everybody knows a pretty drink is way more important than laundry or wrapping Christmas presents.

How to make a merry mule holiday cocktail

Throw the ginger beer in a cocktail shaker with your vodka, ice, etc. Shake it all up and pour into your favorite festive glass. Yes, it has to be festive. Even if it’s only in your head. Don’t make me call you a heretic again. Garnish with those cranberries you artfully strung on your cocktail pick and cheers to your holiday!

The cranberries got us thinking about where they come from (mostly New Jersey if the YouTubes are to be believed). We watched a video where someone who was waaay toooo excited about cranberries told us all about the growing process. Lots of water! Bogs! Sandy soil! This is so amazing! Honestly, if she had said they grow on the moon, we might have believed it. That’s the scary thing about YouTube. Get someone excited enough and you never know what sort of things you could “learn” about.

Naming this drink was a friendly debate. I personally like a good rhyme, Yule Mule. Merry Moscow? Merry Mary? Vodka, ginger beer, blah blah blah, give me some more of those sparkly cranberries…Whatever you decide to call it, enjoy it.

Heart of the Home Holiday Cocktail: Merry Mule

Heart of the Home: Merry Mule Holiday Cocktail

Special supplies needed:
Cocktail Shaker and jigger, Cocktail Spears

4oz Ginger Beer
2oz Vodka
2oz Cranberry Juice
Squeeze of Lime

For Garnish:
Small sprig of Rosemary
Small Wedge of Lime
Fresh Cranberries (sugar coat optional)

how to make a merry mule holiday cocktail

1. Wash all garnishes and set aside
2. Cut up Lime and save half for squeeze
3. Cut Rosemary to fit the diameter of the cup
4. Make Simple Syrup (1:1 water to sugar ratio – heat until sugar dissolves and water is about to boil)
5. Pour syrup over cranberries where they can drain (a cooling rack for cookies works well over the sink) the. Let air dry a bit.
6. Roll cranberries in granulated sugar and put onto cocktail spears (about 5 or so)
The Fun Part…
7. Put Vodka, Cranberry Juice, and Ginger Beer in a cocktail shaker and give it a couple of good shakes.
8. Pour in glass of your choice over ice
9. Add a squeeze of Lime
10. Garnish with Lime and Rosemary
11. Place Cranberry spear across the top.
12. Enjoy!


Heart of the Home Cocktail