Historic Flag Day House Kitchen Renovation

Historic home restored and transformed for the modern family.

Dr. Bernard Cigrand, widely considered to be the founder of Flag Day, lived in Batavia, Illinois.* I had the honor of working with the current homeowners to complete a historical kitchen renovation on Dr. Cigrand’s former home.  The finished product is not at all what the before looked like.  The original space was a porch, but with the imagination of the homeowner and the will to be bold we were able to transform this space into what it is today.  Some of the special features of this kitchen include custom cabinets in Ben Moore’s Army Green paint, encaustic floor tiles, professional-grade appliances, rustic light fixtures by Hinkley, and salvaged wood beams and island top from fallen trees on the property.

*Currently, Batavia is fundraising to create a Flag Day Monument to honor Dr. Cigrand and our nation’s history.