If you’re interested in updating your kitchen this year, I’ve compiled some of my favorite 2020 kitchen design trends. Whether you’re looking to have your entire kitchen remodeled, have new kitchen cabinets installed, or just want to update your lighting, I think you’re going to love where kitchen design is headed.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets from Yorktowne Cabinetry   Uppers: Sea Salt, Paint  Lowers: Cappuccino on Quartersawn Oak
Yorktowne Cabinetry   Uppers: Sea Salt, Paint  Lowers: Cappuccino on Quartersawn Oak

In terms of kitchen cabinet design trends in 2020, we are going to start to see more wood tones used and not just as an accent on the island. Light stains, in particular, will be on point, though finding that perfect shade can be tricky.

Stains to avoid include those with too much gray, red, or yellow. The perfect shade will be between natural and neutral brown tones. Cabinetry manufacturers are starting to catch on to this and will be incorporating new colors that have the modern appeal for today while leaving those dark espresso stains (that show every smudge and fingerprint) in the past.

 A good rule of thumb, if you want something timeless, is to pick a shade that is right in the middle between light and dark. We love our Yorktowne’s Cappuccino (shown above in Quartersawn Oak). It is the “just right” color!


Kitchen Design Trends in 2020: Top Knobs Hardware Show in Ash Gray & Honey Bronze

Top Knobs hardware shown in Ash Gray & Honey Bronze

Brushed Nickel is out and everything else is in. 

Polished Nickel has a warmth that chrome does not. it is also a finish that has been around since the beginning of decorative hardware and is always “in.” We will also see more variations on Brass like Top Knobs “Honey Bronze” finish.

Speaking of Top Knobs, their Ash Gray is another exciting new finish. it is a great alternative to oil rubbed bronze and doesn’t look as harsh on a painted white cabinet compared to Black or O.R.B.


Kitchen Design Trends in 2020: Kitchen Appliances

Stainless Steel still reigns supreme but in keeping with the classics, GE Café has added some delicious options to their lineup and we’re smitten. 

The GE Café line now offers three finishes: Matte White, Matte Black, & Stainless Steel with the option to customize your knobs & handles in four beautiful finishes (brushed stainless, brushed black, brushed copper, or brushed bronze.)  We suspect with so many chic choices, we will start to see more non-stainless kitchens this year. (You heard it here first!)


2020 Kitchen Design Trends: Countertops

You know it’s all about that quartz, ’bout that quartz, no granite.

Seriously, I can’t remember the last time someone wanted granite over quartz. The Quartz of 2020 is beautiful in appearance and a breeze to maintain. It is also more in line with the price of granite. Ten years ago, granite was all we put in because quartz was still very pricey and did not have the “natural” look that it has today. 

Today, the most in-demand quartz colors are whites and grays that mimic the look of natural marble, but obviously without the maintenance issue that marble brings. 

If you look back at the two previous pictures of kitchens, you will notice they both have “marbley” kitchen tops. All of the top manufacturers of quartz now have some great examples of faux marble tops, as you can see from the image above.


We love Hinkley lighting for their fashion-forward options.  They stay on-trend and offer a quality product at a fair price.  

Lighting is an easy way to update your kitchen. When remodeling a kitchen, we always tell people to have fun with the lighting. By choosing timeless finishes for the foundation of the kitchen and trendy light fixtures, you can feel confident that you are spending your money wisely and not making a costly mistake design-wise… So go ahead, get that wild pendant in satin brass! In 10 years, you can swap it out and your husband probably won’t even notice ?

What are your top kitchen design trends in 2020?

Is there a kitchen trend you’re loving this year or something you’ll hope will go out of style soon? Share your thoughts below or hop on our Facebook page and join the conversation there!